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We handle all phases of your customer logistics

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We take responsibility for all your customer logistics - from beginning to end

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We virtualise all phases of work

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We produce all the added services you need

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We tailor the services individually

We handle all phases of your logistics for 35-40% less

Some operations function best when outsourced. Customer logistics is one of them. Velox Logistics has grown together with its customers well-being in mind and after ten years of developing the Veloxnet system "the package is now complete" - and it is a joy to present! 
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Veloxnet™ – Product catalogue, purchasing process and reporting all in one

Do you find customer logistics chaotic? Veloxnet™ is the solution! It significantly speeds up your work, offers extremely sophisticated features and clarifies operations into a single digital unit.
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Our expertise is utilised by many challenging industries

Demanding (and nice) customers challenge us to exceed ourselves every day . We develop new solutions and refine our current processes. Our know-how has proven its excellency in practise on various industries from responsible medical electronics to consumer goods.  Get to know some of our customers.

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