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Forceful duo behind Velox

Velox was established in 2002, when Markus Autio, who was then working at medical wholesale company, concluded that customer logistics should be handled in an entirely new day - by fully utilising information technology, minimising phases of work and simplifying processes.

The most important concept was that the information system had to be user-friendly and easily modifiable to meet new operating methods, and it had to be built around the process rather than the other way round. Eeva Ylimartimo then joined the project and took responsibility for the technological development, and soon we were headed in the right direction.

The first customer was Novartis, which significantly affected the development of Veloxnet with its own needs and ideas. Novartis is still our customer, a good example of how successful collaboration can continue over a long time period and benefit both parties.

Velox's business idea is to virtualise, automate and digitalise all possible phases of the customer logistics process. We want to avoid unnecessary work, hidden costs an complications. When we succeed, it can be clearly sees in our satisfied customers.

Our customers receive Finland's best logistics service and can monitor their orders whenever they wish. We are enthusiastically developing new services, with Veloxnet at their core. Five years from now we aim to be a significant company in the Nordic Countries as an expert in a new type of customer logistics. 

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Key figures

Our business operations are growing steadily and our result is positive. We invest actively in growth by expanding our facilities and developing new services. 


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  • Turnover, thousand euros. Projection for 2017.
Turnover, thousand euros. Projection for 2017.


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  • Units (pieces). Projection for 2017.
Units (pieces). Projection for 2017.

Order rows 

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  • Order rows, 1,000. Projection for 2017.
Order rows, 1,000. Projection for 2017.


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