We grow alongside our customers

Demanding  (and super nice) customers challenge us every day. We develop new types of solutions and hone our current processes. Here are some of the customers whose logistics we are responsible for.

Johnson & Johnson manufactures pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and everyday goods. It is known for its strong brand names, which in Finland include Nicorette, Neutrogena, Pepcid, Bafucin, Listerine, Natusan, Microlax, Compeed, OB, Piz Buin and Imodium. We handle customer logistics for these products - marketing materials, consumer brochures, products samples, store windows and much more.

The ACO product family and XL-S, Miniderm and Fysiomer are familiar self-care products found at Finnish pharmacies and natural products stores. The necessary brochures, posters, store windows, product samples and decorative materials are a big "puzzle" that we handle confidently and on schedule.

Motiva is part of the public sector and provides guidance in the efficient use of energy and materials. We are responsible for the mailing of various presentation materials to individuals and companies, as well as management of materials for events (e.g. Energy Saving Week).

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