LSG Sky Chefs Finland

Large volumes, tight schedules and changes

LSG Sky Chefs is one of the world's largest airline catering companies. The company operates at 211 airports around the world and has about 34,000 employees.

"Our work with Velox began in 2010. We decided to focus on our core operations, preparation of meals. Trusted partners like Velox are responsible for all other services," says Supply Chain Manager Totti Pekonen, who coordinates subcontractor operations.

Velox packs non-food products for LSG Finland's airline customers, providing menus, brochures, customs forms for specified nations and gifts for customers for long-distance passenger flights departing from Helsinki. Velox also handles earphone testing, disinfection, changing batteries, re-packing and packaging of newspapers. Almost every flight is unique in terms of products, amounts and languages.

"One significant benefit is that our collaboration with Velox in virtual. We place orders directly from our ERP system, which communicates with Velox's own Veloxnet. There are no manual work phases, or possibilities for errors," says Pekonen.

With constantly growing international hubs like the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the volume of inflight operations is substantial. Velox delivers 400-500 serving carts and boxes weekly, which are sealed and loaded onto planes. Advance orders from Velox are sent 48 hours before delivery and are verified just before production. Velox's facilities have an isolation area that meets regulations, and production is ongoing 24/7.

"I very much appreciate Velox's attitude and services. Changes take place all the time inflight services, but despite that everything must function according to safety and quality standards. We require or subcontractors to demonstrate particular care and precision, regardless of changes. Velox has succeeded in this well," Totti Pekonen says of the importance of collaboration.

LSG Sky Chefs Finland

Totti Pekonen

Supply Chain Manager


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