This page has answers to some of our customers' most common questions. We believe they can help you design your customer logistics plan. You can also send your own question using this form.

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Can our customers (e.g. retailers) or partners (e.g. sales representatives) order marketing materials, sales samples and products directly from Veloxnet?

Yes. This is one of Veloxnet's most important features. As the system administrator you assign various user levels, product groups and user privileges. After that, customers and partners can handle their own orders directly from Veloxnet using their own unique login credentials. When the order process is streamlined, you save a tremendous amount of work and euros.

Can Veloxnet be integrated with our own existing system?

This can without a doubt be done easily - Veloxnet has an open interface that adheres to Standards and communicates smoothly with different systems. Many of our customers have integrated Veloxnet so that products, orders and delivery data are automatically transferred between the legacy system and Veloxnet.

The size of our orders varies greatly. How is your pricing structured?

Prices are based on three things: the amount of warehouse space taken up by your products, what specific services you need and delivery costs. The price model is fully transparent, performance-based and real-time.

Do customers need to enter into their own transportation contracts if they transfer their customer logistics to Velox?

No. It is not necessary, and not even worthwhile. We negotiate extremely beneficial annual contracts with various suppliers based on our own large volume. We invoice our customers for actual transportation costs, so the customers directly benefit from our contracts.

How quickly can you send a delivery? Does production time need to be reserved in advance?

We work in real time, i.e. all orders placed through Veloxnet are sent to production immediately unless otherwise requested. In the case of large, mass deliveries, we should agree on the delivery time a few days in advance. Of course we perform miracles :)

Customer service - how can you be reached?

For issues involving orders or products, the easiest way to get answers is via Veloxnet. We can also be easily reached by email and phone.

Do you handle customer logistics for prescription medications and samples?

We can also handle this product group, which has special responsibilities and requires a pharmaceutical wholesale permit. Contact us for more details.