Does it feel like there's too little time in a day to handle your logistics smoothly?

Why don't you let us help? We handle all phases of your customer logistics. We do it faster, more cost-effectively and smarter than anyone else in Finland.

We define customer logistics as a service in which traditional warehousing services are connected to multifaceted additional services, transportation services and industry-specific solutions. We tailor our services to the customer's needs and volumes. 

We are more than a modern warehouse hotel, flexible packing partner and logistics expert. Our operations rely on the concept that every phase of our work must be automated and digitalised to the greatest extent possible. This creates a service that provides real, measurable benefits in the form of cost savings, putting an end to unnecessary work by gaining valuable time savings.

Smart implementation saves as much as 35-40% in customer logistics costs

If your logistics includes a lot of so called "moving parts", we are your optimal parner. Your company may have multilingual marketing materials, a large number of customer interest groups, countless products and variations - and all of this must be handled efficiently and fast.

Veloxnet proves to its superiority particularly with such puzzle pieces - it gets the processes going, meets deadlines and ensures that deliveries match up. Most importantly, as a customer you are up to date at all times on progress and costs. Just open your Veloxnet and be convinced!

Customer logistics as a whole

  • Warehousing
  • Transport services
  • Warehousing services (e.g. packaging services)
  • Packaging materials
  • Additional services (e.g. packaging services, labeling, assembly)
  • Disposal
  • Forwarding
  • Purchase orders

What is included in the savings of 35% to 40%? We charge only for the warehouse space that you use (your products' palette and shelf space) and for the services that you need. The cost of our services consists of collecting the items, packaging and possible added services, for example preparation of sales presentation displays and labeling of products.

We charge separately for transportation services (delivery charges). All the services are individually priced in Veloxnet. Costs savings are achieved through centralization and through our efficient process chain - no numerous parties, unnecessary transportation or unclear pricing. You can easily control and manage your projects. 


We support you in a wide range of ways

Our expertise is already being used in numerous industrial fields:

  • Comprehensive management of marketing materials
  • Sample and sales lots of everyday items and consumer goods
  • Electronics
  • Fast-pace inflight services (airlines)
  • Responsible pharmaceutical logistics
  • The entire delivery chain for Finnish and international online stores, from deliveries to returns

Is your industry one of those above? We are interested in all industries and new challenges. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company with customer logistics!

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