Manage your customer logistics on a computer or smartphone - in real time whilst minimising your own work

Does it seem that customer logistics are at their worst chaotic, never-ending project management, different systems and sometimes busywork that has no direction, amount or meaning? We believe you will welcome Veloxnet's help! It significantly speeds up your work, offers extremely sophisticated features and turns operations into a single digital whole.

Collaboration with us is done as virtually as possible - that is the core principle of Veloxnet. Once products and other data are entered in the system, you can place orders from your own computer. Log into Veloxnet, select a product and recipients, and complete everything with a single click. Then we will roll up our sleeves and handle the rest.

We designed Veloxnet ourselves, and it is a continuously developing information system. Our customers use it to create new products, handle purchase orders and all communications, including reporting.

Veloxnet directs our operations when we accept goods for warehousing, inspect their condition and amounts, shelve them, re-pack them if necessary, label them, compile sales lots and send them out worldwide. The data in our system is always in real time and available for use by all parties.

Good news for the IT department! Veloxnet has existing interfaces for integration with your company's systems, for example warehousing or delivery systems.

We can securely say that Veloxnet is the industry's most sophisticated way to handle customer logistics. You will see its benefits in your own work, and also on the bottom line. A smarter way to work saves euros.

Veloxnet from a user standpoint

  • Handle product groups andproducts with a few clicks
  • Create, modify and delete individualisedviews and user privileges, e.g. for administrators, sales personnel,product representatives and customers
  • Manage all the data yourself:quickly create different reports using templates or modify reports for different purposes 
  • You always stay informed. You can track your orders using lot or series numbers. See data includingprogress, documentation, cost monitoring, order and alert limits forindividual deliveries
  • Order additional servicesdirectly from your own view - save hours of work

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